Unity triumphs: Lessons from Jalli kattu

We have witnessed a furious unity among our Tamil friends. Regardless of their profession, economic status and their subscription to political ideology, people have united to own what is their right. We have seen even children and senior citizens come out of their comfort zone and fight for their tradition.

This is not the first time we have witnessed such unity among Tamilians. During floods of 2015 it took more than a month for national media to bring such a catastrophic event to limelight. When they (national media) reached Tamil Nadu people have already come together under supervision of people such as actor Sidharth and RJ Balaji helping themselves and others. As J.Krishnamurthy said “The greatest help one can get is self-help.” They did not depend on any political affluence then and now, where the youth of Tamil Nadu kept politicians away from their protest to support jalli kattu.  Act of such amplitude of unity in always triumphs when the objective is to own what is their own right.

We won our independence, our fundamental right, by protesting. Later ,even, with the Indian government we are protesting to protect our traditions. People of Telangana got their bifurcation by protesting for years.  If government does what is right then why doesn’t it made bifurcation when it was first petitioned. Does government comes to righteous after a mass protest?

Now my question is Can a nationwide protest of such amplitude can be done against the religious based reservation? Yes, not caste based reservation, but India has religious based reservation. Reservation in India was not made solely based on caste system rather religious and region based. As castes such hala khorans in Bihar state were manual scavengers and slaves for centuries who have been discriminated yet they do not get any caste based reservation. Tribes like Bhukya, lambadies come under scheduled tribe in South Indian states but are unreserved in Rajasthan and Gujarat. Mandal commission in early 90’s was implemented for Hindu minority groups for OBC in which Brahmins were not a minority.
The tumor of reservation which has been eating India’s development since its inception, has to be put to a stop or modified. We are in our way of Cashless economy. Why not make it a caste less system with equal opportunities for all. In this 21st century, there are manual scavengers of all castes and religions who do not get any assistance in reservation of their child from any government be it state or central.

What Jalli kattu protest can teach us:

Winston Churchill said, ’’never under estimate power of stupid people in group”. Then why are we under estimating power of educated intelligent people in group. When their right as taken away people of Tamil have come together and have proved what people in mass can achieve. Can we achieve caste less India with such protests?. Religious reservation applies to candidates regardless of their economic status. A billionaire’s son can apply for reservation for any number of times but a poor Brahmin’s children do not have any of such privileges.
Almost every section of Indian constitution has been amended but not reservation. It’s been 70 years of independence shouldn’t we be now protesting against reservation now? Shouldn’t we have equal opportunities for all?

People of India have suffered a sudden harsh blow of demonetization and yet survived with little inconvenience in rural and metro cities. Even if tomorrow a caste less India is being declared , India will survive and once again it will have tryst with destiny. Replacing caste or religious based reservation with a Social and economic based reservation will make India great again. Giving privileges to economic backward sections of society and to only those who have studied in government educational institutions will make India literate. By allowing reservation to only students studying in government schools can prevent forging of income certificates. When more number of students join public schools, government can increase its annual allocation to education from what today is less than 1%. Quality education will be affordable hence the drop rate of children from schools will be reduced.  When more people are educated scientifically and morally peace at home can be achieved.  As said by our beloved former president, Where there is righteousness in the heart, there is beauty in the character. When there is beauty in the character, there is harmony in the home. When there is harmony in the home, there is order in the nation. When there is order in the nation, there is peace in the world.  Let’s bring this beauty and peace to India back again.


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