Scientists prove god does not exist


Does god exist? Is the question we have been wondering not for centuries but for more than a millennia. This debate not only occurs between two people of different religious beliefs but also among scientists.  Recent research and theories on beginning of time even before the big bang theory suggest proof of existence of god is void.

Universal law of energy

From, what we call now third law of thermodynamics or the law of conservation of energy, we know energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but can be converted from one form to another. This is what we studied in our school. But now it seems this law has its own loop holes and thus this is not completely true.  Recent theories suggest that while we are looking only for transfer of energy from one state to another, every energy form must have a beginning point. To elaborate, we use electric energy made from fuel or hydro energy. We get fuel from fossils and hydro energy from tides and dams (potential energy of water). Taking fossils fuels for energy production they come from what remains of the past. From this chain of energy we must have derived energy from a single source to create the big bang (if it’s true). But energy must be required to cause big bang and formation of materials of our universe.  This is where religious people raise the argument that the energy was derived from god. Different beliefs have different opinions about the formation of earth. While Hindu mythologies suggest universe was created by LORD SHIVA, Muslims and Christians believe it was created by god and their respective Prophets were sent for its ordinance.

Why religious people can be wrong

While most of the scientists believe religion to be a form political philosophy of medieval history, some say it to be hallucinations of their religious leaders. Whatever it may be, existence of god has never been proven from the dawn of the Homo sapiens. There have been wars, discrimination, segregation in the name of religion. Morality of religion has always been doubted over its violence or the harsh methods of practice it dictates to its followers. But now there might serious advancement in theories to prove that god does not exist.

The ocean in the vacuum

Continuing from the Law of conservation of energy, it is said to be paradox. If energy cannot be created then, where does the energy for the big bang come from? Or where does the huge mass of dust come from before the big bang.  If your answer is god then god itself is an entity which was created by someone or god must have come from nothing.  If god was created by someone then the one created god must come from nothing or created by another superior god. To explain this chain, if you are god then, you come from your father and he comes from his father and chain goes on. If god comes from nothing and god was created by him-self or comes from nowhere then this universe can come by itself creating its own energy.  Thus what religious people call god and scientist call energy just might be the same. The energy that creates the force to run this energy and the deity humans have been worshipping for centuries can be the same.  But this energy can only create and regulate this universe but has no part in maintaining.

Great philosophers state we have been worshiping the god wrong , by giving it a name or an image.  When we have an image of sun in front of our eyes we cannot see the sun.  When we have an image or an ideology of god in our mind we cannot find god.  

 Having  pre-described ideology of god through religion in our mind blinds us to see this world with open eyes.



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