10 points prove religion is primitive

     1.Religion is based on faith not facts.

Every religion in the world is based on faiths and hallucinations. No evident facts are available proving their faith.

  1. A god for every deed

While most of religions are monolithic, Hinduism has god for very action and wish. In India people have an individual god for health, wealth, wellbeing and for every possible thing they can wish for. Yet people are ill, poor and possibly not everyone’s wish is granted.

  1. Religion is for discrimination.

While color is genetic, faith is made up. Slavery was legal in old testaments and also in Islam. People of these two faiths have been and still discriminating others on every possible act they can. Jati and varna system of Hinduism divided people of same belief into different castes and soon people started discriminating each other for social superiority.

  1. False futuristic of religion

Every religion in the world dictates the existence of hell and heaven but also asks them to pray for a better life in this life.  Promises heaven to one who suffers in this life also asks him to pray for betterment in this life.

  1. Money first God next

Religion is trillion dollar turnover every year around the world. All your bad deeds can be erased (forgiven) by donating money to Mosque/Church/Temple/synagogue.  Where do poor go then? Also in some religions poor are promised a straight ticket to heaven which motivates many countries in world to just focus them on religion. There are government laws which restrict people from learning science and educate girl child.

  1. It is blessed to believe not to understand

If you believe in something that does not mean you understand it. Very few people, may be .1% of any religious people have actually read the scriptures and history of their religion and understood it. Rest of all of them are spoon fed by some half knowledge human being. People are lazy to read their scriptures but happily listen to people on TV. One example for this is QTV where a woman wearing lipstick speaks in a luring manner for the TRP. And men and women find nothing wrong her being not in proper hijab and wearing lipstict.

  1. Regional religious discrimination

Jaganath (lord of world) temple in poori, odissa is one of oldest temple in world and believed to be first in India. While the deity is considered lord of world and worshipped as creator of universe, no foreign citizen is allowed in or near the premises of temple.

  1. Various rules in religion that doesn’t imply today

One example is Islam permits to cut off person’s hands who steals. In here there is no chance given of salvation. If I steal your car in some desperate situation and later get caught, my hands will be cut. Your car can be bought again but my hands cannot.

  1. Various rituals in religions traumatizing people and children everyday

Marriage among first cousins, mostly practised by muslims and few south Indian hindus. Marriage to a blood relative accounted for nearly a third (31%) of all birth defects in babies of Pakistani origin.

Last but not least

  1. Religion can only take you to sky scrapers where science can take you to moon.

Religion has only poisoned humanity till now. We have been only focussing only on the pebble of good it does and ignoring the mountain of bad.

Religion is primitive. Science is pragmatic.


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