Phony chauvinism of India

Forced patriotism and jingoism are the latest trends in India today. Chauvinism has come to such an extreme that anyone who criticizes a policy or statement made by any government is considered a traitor and alienated from society. India is no more a secular and democratic country. Not politicians, but people of extreme groups have made it. This phony patriotism has come to such an amplitude that any individual who doesn’t change his whatsaap profile picture to Indian nation flag on independence or republic day is considered a “Pakistani”. Recent events in the country to ban all the foreign items and use SWADESI (made in India) created a great arousal on social media. Let me ask people of such jingoistic acts a question. Where was your patriotism when you were buying your 70000 iphone?

Tamilnadu to ban Coke and Pepsi for its foreign and hazardous nature

If we are so concerned about the health issues caused by drinking foreign drinks why don’t we ban alcohol first? In India, for every 96minutes, a person dies due to alcohol intake. This number is even higher when the local breeding of alcohol is taken into account. How many people have died due to smoking cigarette? How many people have died in India from pollution caused by the foreign vehicle? Taken these numbers in account people died who dies from drinking Coke and Pepsi and null.

The Pro-Swadesi movement

People have readily agreed and are boycotting these cool drinks and when asked about the phone they are using car they are driving, they are more comfortable with foreign goods.

A person, let’s say, spends 50000 on his mobile which is uses for on an average of 4 years. While the same person spends may be less than 5000 on these cool drinks in 4 years. The same is applicable for almost all the foreign goods in India.

If we boycott foreign goods in India other countries too will boycott Indian goods. Then India won’t have any foreign reserves and will go bankrupt.

Embracing Swadesi goods is good culture but forcing people to prove their patriotism is not.



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