Deciding whether or not to commit suicide is the only philosophical question being argued over the centuries. But what causes a person of rationale to end his/her existence.  Suicide alerts us to a strange problem, the scale of our psychological vulnerability and torment. The extent of fragility of our minds which cannot be fixed with more money or consumer goods.

On an average 800000 people kill themselves every year around the world. That accounts for more than 1.5% of total deaths and suicide is the 15th leading cause of mortality in the world. This number outcomes death by murder and traffic accidents and killed by animals all together. It is strange that we hear more about the killers in the media than the people who take their own life.  Judged by the statistical data, we are far more likely to be embarked by love affair which may lead to suicide when things go wrong than being killed by any animal.

People encounter a state of combined tragic events of heart stabbing and find themselves in an eternal state of melancholy. 37% of suicides worldwide account due to grief about a love affair where as 11% due to financial or career failures. We all know the cliché’s, “your life is worth living, we care about you and love you”. Well, these affectionate displays would have been helpful if they were bought to attention preceding the tragic events. Literature has alerted us more than science about the suicide. In William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, ophelia, chooses to die rather than live without beloved hamlet. We learn that to survive we need love and it is unrepeatable.

We live in a world where our human tendencies search for some kind of truth, meaning of life, and develop expectations from other especially form the one’s we love. We love unconditionally and expect our partners for the same. As the time passes, life becomes mundane and one of the partners diverts self for a greater meaning and pleasure from life. But the world works in under this truth. we live in an absurd world where chaos and uncertainty strikes us and we get frustrated about everything leaving us in a self hating and criticising matrix forever.  

What makes suicide so bewildering is the element of surprise. We may have known that a person has problems but we never manage to scale their extant. The element of surprise in suicide is the unwitting negligence to one another. We fail show love and open up our emotional vistas no matter how much we love and care.

These  qualities of no luxury can save a suicide

  • Love
  • self acceptance
  • meaning
  • hope
  • forgiveness

We should always be mindful of fact that no man is very far from the state in which s/he would readily want to end his existence.

Reach out for help here. 
For any one you know and might be suffering 
no matter how small the pain can be.

022 2754 6669

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