Monday motivation: Myth of Sisyphus

H in Monday is for happiness. Since there is no H in Monday there is no happiness. After all  Monday is not as bad as we see it.

The Myth of Sisyphus

Sisyphus was a Greek god who was believed to be more cunning than any other god. Afraid of his cunningness, he was condemned to an eternity of rolling a heavy stone up the mountain to watch it fall back just as he reached to the top. The rock would magically fall every time he reached top and Sisyphus would repeat the process over and over. Like Sisyphus we all are cut off from a purpose.

Nevertheless, we all are Sisyphus rolling the stone over the week to watch it fall back and repeat the process from Monday to all week. But we should cope as much as we can at whatever we have to do, we have to acknowledge the absurd existent world and triumph the constant possibility of hopelessness. But one must imagine Sisyphus happy in over all the process. This reminds us the possibility that our life is worth enduring. But we all must know that we are not alone. The world can appear very cruel and tiresome in our weekly process. But, may be things aren’t as bad as we see them. We hit the threshold of humdrum and yet again we find courage, love and continue to roll the stone with hope and happiness.

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.


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