Parallel India

If a girl dumps her BF, he is not deserving.If a boy dumps his GF , it’s a case of 420 & 376 & he is a Rapist.

If a girl is raped in city and killed, she is daughter of India. If in a village, she rests in corner of old news paper. 

 More youths are dying due to dowry law than the brides due to dowry.(Please don’t comment about it if have not read it yet)Misuse of 498a: Dowry law. 

If a girl cries she is sensitive. If a boy cries he is bullied to be gay.

After Every 8.5 minute a married youth commits suicide due to fake dowry cases , fake rape charges & nobody cries. ( 60000 suicides in 2014, NCRB data). Most misused law in nation.

 If a boy rapes a girl we have a Law , if vice-versa happens with a boy ,there is no law, because according to Indian pseudo-feminists all men are Rapists & a Rapist can not be a victim.

 Lower caste(according to description of govt.) folks hate caste based discrimination but love caste based reservation doesn’t matter they are from the family of Ambani or a Beggar.

 If you are above 15% you will get minority reservation & promotion benefits but if you are 2% – 0.00002% in population ,You’ll get Babaji ka thullu (If you are not christian or muslim).

 India is secular but compensations & Govt jobs have Caste & Religion.

 A lady in UP wasted 10000 crores on her statue No one cried,But Announcement of international tourism destinations like Statue of Unity & Shivaji Statue ( just 3600 cr) taught the whole world that the India is house of Beggars.

 A PM who provides best in class hardware to his army on cheapest rate is doing “Khoon ki Dalali” & PMs who made fractured Flying coffin deals & Bribed Bofors deals are Bharat Ratna.

When soldiers risk their life to cross border and kill militants:- credit goes to PM. If soldiers complain about food they get, they are alcoholic, anti national. 

A commoner is not eligible even for peon job in government if he has a case as small as public urination. But person with multiple criminal records, alleged with murders and scams can run a country.

A Baba with multiple rape and child abuse cases can run for election and teach girls to wear proper dress.

You can drink and drive, kill pedestrians, hunt animals and be not guilty. Provided you have money and stardom.

Farmers die as they cannot pay 600000 rupees loan but you can take 90000000000 (9 thousand crores) rupees and still live luxuriously. Apparently, Beer is more important than wheat.

If you kill animals (thousands) and export meat, it’s business. If you follow your old traditional festival it’s animal cruelty. 

If you ignorantly obey government’s policy you are true nationalist and civilian award for you. If you try to understand and question, you are anti national and people want you deported.

 Folks who talk about secularism are more communal than the rest of the population.



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