Reserved and Deserved

Caste based reservation system in India had been both boon and bane to different sectors of Indian society. While there are people who totally criticize this policy in 21st century, there are also people who believe reservation is must for development of poor in Indian society. Reservation policy has been criticized by people of unreserved category and most wrongfully used by some politicians to fill their vote banks.

 While it is true that poorest sector of Indian society belongs to scheduled castes and tribes, not all unreserved category people are rich.  But we have reservation based on caste not economic discrimination.It is most criticized that after 70 years of independence schedule caste and tribe people enjoy more perks and have privileges which others don’t have. This is not completely true. India is a vast country with utmost diversity than any other country in the world. So no issue can be taken in general as whole country. In states like Bihar, Odissa, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan caste based discrimination still excites. In Haryana it is beyond description. But at the same time in states like Punjab, Telangana, Andhra pradesh, Karnataka and many other this discrimination is not seen at much extent. There is a indirect correlation between literacy and discrimination. The more the literacy less is the discrimination.

For those who deserve reservation, Education is still a luxury of rich

People who deserve reservation still dream of schools. Many don’t even have basic knowledge of their rights. People in urban areas with full facilities and enjoying perks for generations are reason for which people of rural society cannot get what they deserve. They are still illiterate and stand below poverty line for generations.

Changes in reservation policy

Politicians, more than people, have been greater supporters of reservation and demanding more and more quota for their people. If reservation has been stopped at any given point it will create the biggest chaos in world history. From this we learn government cannot forcefully remove caste based reservation but it can implement laws through which people can boycott reservation willfully.

A willful rejection to reservation

For a person who belongs to any of the category of reservation, and believes that he is privileged enough that he has good money, education and other facilities can willfully boycott this policy. But this is not that easy. Since he has to show a certificate of his category (be it reserved or non reserved) on demand by authorities. Failed to do so he will be terminated form the institute or job.

Willful rejection can only happen when government introduces a new law in which there is a new option, be call it OTHERS, in category column. On opting this people of any category will come under general non reserved category. There will be no need of certificate to show for this category. There are a lot of people of reserved category who wish for equal rights among peers but are entitled to opt for reservation and bind to law. This new policy can make reservation reach to people who truly deserve and help for an homogeneous development in India.  

Lets all unite and strive to make reach reservation to those who are most deserved.


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