Wrath of Deserved

In India we are defined ,not by our talent and hard work, but religion and caste we are born in. 

After independence our  constitution was written by many great thinkers yet they didn’t put much thinking in designing a constitution which will ensure equal right to education and opportunities. Many ill religious politics were played and every one wanted their people to benefit. Reservation was given to many castes but not in any proper way. Certain quota for a community is beneficial but how can lowering the bar (decreasing cutoffs extremely) help anyone.
We have reservation from kg to pg. One uses reservation(by even getting low marks) to get into school, college, university and in pg and Phd. Then he applies same reservation to get job. Imagine how easy someones life is comparing it to some poor person with no reservation where he/she has to work hard even in such poor conditions only to see some rich reserved person getting job scoring half of unreserved cutoff marks. 

Yes we need development in every corner of our country. But we can not let that happen by lowering bar to some communities as their birth right.  Reservation has been increased a lot over a few decades. 50% of opportunities in education and jobs go to caste based reservation. In remaining 50% there is reservation in sports quota, NSS, NCC, ex-servicemen, Children whose parent deceased on service, Internal reservation, local area reservation, terrorist attack victims, NRI’s, Paid pathway reservations, Dependents of armed forces personnel killed-in-action and never to mention great political references. After all these someone with no reservation gets a maximum of 5-8% of opportunities. This 5-8% is divided among millions of people. (If 100 persons are to be recuited a max of 10 come under total non reserved from thousand of applicants)

Most believe Brahmins in Hindu religion enjoy their pride and respect being a brahmin. Before assuming please refer to this video. Brahmins in India: Most ignored community.  This is the case of every community with no reservation. Don’t their children deserve to study and get opportunities? Gods are named JAGANNATH (emperor of universe). If god does not create a difference why should we do it and take away opportunities from deserved.

We people of 21st century need to stop this blunder and make our India great again. We must fight for new amendment ONE TIME RESERVATION. One who uses reservation in education can not use it in job. Equal cutoff marks should be encouraged rather giving as low as 35 % of marks to reserved and 100 % for unreserved.

We boast about our great sages discovering astronomical values thousands of years ago. They did so because they encouraged each one equally on their talent and hard work not discriminating and segregating people. Give equal opportunities to all increase competence.  

Jai Hind.



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