The quranic passage explains that the act of divorce has to happen on three separate occasions and most scholars say that a divorce in the heat of anger and the husband says : “I divorce you” it is not binding.


The egregious practice that many Muslim men employ to divorce their wives instantaneously and without their consent, merely by uttering the word talaq thrice.  Is it justified?

Imagine living with the mental insecurity that, years of your marital alliance can be ended just by the utterance of a word three times. That’s exactly what Indian Muslim women feel. Various cases have been registered against this issue which also lead to form Muslim personal board. All the cases registered are from women for being mistreated by their spouse. One instance is form Bihar where a woman was divorced after giving birth to 6th girl child. Her husband divorced her at spur of the moment after knowing born baby was a girl. The atrocity of this act is Muslim head of village accepted the divorce and gave permission to man that he can remarry which happened after within a month. His first wife was left with 6 children with no source of income.

Another instance is from Kerala, where a man divorced his wife on whatsaap and married another woman in UAE. He was married for only 8 months. Again this woman was left with her parents with no source of income and no alimony. These instances are violations of rules of divorce in Islam itself, but every holy scripture is entitled to multiple interpretations. Where one religious expert backs one theory other interprets in other style to ease his life. When there is one law directing people and is not open to multiple interpretations 90 million people will be benefitted.
Over the millennia we have seen many radical changes in India as well as over the world. In India, we have abolished sati (suttee) which was practiced for millennia. Hindus started sati, Hindus followed it and it Hindus realised and abolishes such barbaric act. Isn’t it time for Muslims to learn lesson from past?

Many rich from middle east come to India (mostly to Hyderabad and Kolkata) perform halala marriage with poor teenage girls and enjoy their honeymoon and divorce them by triple talaq give them money and leave. There have been at least 5000-8000 instances only in Hyderabad in from 2003-2008. Many of these girls are left in pregnant stage. This is a sham marriage, it is about making money and abusing vulnerable people and it is to stopped.  

 When Pakistan, Bangladesh and many other Islamic countries could ban the practice of talaq-ul-bidat(triple talaq), then why not India?, is the question.

It is time to look beyond the politics and peek from humanity window.



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