Ever wonder why these generation children are so fucked up? yeah that’s right!! Why the children of 21st century are depressed and are caught up with substance abuse at an early age?


By raising children, these child fetish parents feel so obligated that they overrate and over value their children turning them into a little cult objects. Thanks to media for propagating that somehow everything has to be revolved around children. Natural caring, which is an evolutionary adaptation, is replaced with just safety drills. Locking children in room in front of a television like a  safety cage where not even mosquito can enter taking them far away from his natural instincts of playing outside in a ground, climbing the trees and get tired riding a bicycle.

School uniforms is bad theory that it keeps children in order!! Isn’t is enough that you already make us all think alike and now you want us to look alike.


UNIFORMS : To make all look alike.

CURRICULUM DESIGN : Such that all think alike

EXAMINATION: Pattern  such that all answer alike

Then soon after that you want us to think different think out of the box

After all this parents blame advertisements which lure children into smoking and tobacco. You know why they do it? Because it helps them with anxiety and depression!! They had to put up with these insecure parents who put children in college before they even had any childhood. Parents are burning kids on structure, society and competitions.

You want to have your children a life? Just give them 2-3 hours every day daydreaming. Just day dreaming watching the clouds sitting at the window. If you want to help children leave them alone with the clouds !! 



  1. About uniforms, it is necessary because children come to school from different financial situations. To avoid any sort of discrimimation, that is needed. I don’t think children have to think about dressing up while going to school. The rest of the article makes sense. Irony is schools do have creative classes like art, but then you are expected to draw whatever is on the black board just like the teacher does.


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