Ever wonder why these generation children are so fucked up? yeah that’s right!! Why the children of 21st century are depressed and are caught up with substance abuse at an early age?


By raising children, these child fetish parents feel so obligated that they overrate and over value their children turning them into a little cult objects. Thanks to media for propagating that somehow everything has to be revolved around children. Natural caring, which is an evolutionary adaptation, is replaced with just safety drills. Locking children in room in front of a television like a  safety cage where not even mosquito can enter taking them far away from his natural instincts of playing outside in a ground, climbing the trees and get tired riding a bicycle.

School uniforms is bad theory that it keeps children in order!! Isn’t is enough that you already make us all think alike and now you want us to look alike.


UNIFORMS : To make all look alike.

CURRICULUM DESIGN : Such that all think alike

EXAMINATION: Pattern  such that all answer alike

Then soon after that you want us to think different think out of the box

After all this parents blame advertisements which lure children into smoking and tobacco. You know why they do it? Because it helps them with anxiety and depression!! They had to put up with these insecure parents who put children in college before they even had any childhood. Parents are burning kids on structure, society and competitions.

You want to have your children a life? Just give them 2-3 hours every day daydreaming. Just day dreaming watching the clouds sitting at the window. If you want to help children leave them alone with the clouds !! 


RESERVATION: Making India a cripple

Kindly see the man in the following picture. He was perhaps unwell or met with some accident and hence he was given crutches to support himself for short while.

A black man walks using crutches after getting involved in a fight

Imagine that he develops a dependency on the crutches and refuse to part with the crutches even when he becomes better.

Will it be good for him or bad?

While crutches are convenient to walk if you are ill, its long use can make you permanently disabled.

  • You can never become healthy and normal by permanent use of crutches
  • You can never walk fast with crutches as a normal man
  • You can never run fast with crutches as a normal man
  • You can never play good game with crutches as a normal man
  • You can never gain respect of others by holding on to the crutches
  • You can never gain respect in your own eyes by remaining on crutches

This is precisely happening in India as far as reservation is concerned.

The weaker section of the India were given the crutches of reservation for a short period to become better. However, they have now made crutches as an integrated part of their body and now they are refusing to part with it.

They have now lost confidence to walk of their own without crutches.

Reservation ,in reality, is hurting unreserved classes much more than the reserved Classes than we assume. . Let me give my reasons now.

1: Reservation in Jobs

The SC/STs have reservation only in the Government jobs, which are sinking every year. There are hardly 10,000 Class I jobs created by Government of India in a year. Even if we include Group B or C jobs, the numbers would not be more than 1,00,000 as Army has no reservation as of now. Even if we include the state Government jobs and PSU jobs where reservation is applicable, the numbers would not exceed 3,00,000. 

2: Reservation in Colleges

The government colleges are offering reservations in all government colleges and universities. They are even forcing the private colleges to provide reservations. This is leading to millions of reserved category people graduating every year on the basis of reservation with lesser merit.

3: Inferiority Complex

There is wide difference between the cut-off between the General category candidates and the reserved one. For example, the cut off of JEE Mains 2016 was as following.

Category Cut Off

General 81

OBC 49 (~1/2 of general)

SC 32 (`1/3 rd of general)

ST 27 (~1/4 th of general)

pwd 01 (1/81 of general)

When you know that you have entered into any institution on job with much lower performance, you can hardly feel equal to the one who came on merit. You, therefore, need reservation support throughout your life. You then want reservation on promotions to overcome the deficiency. This inferiority complex creates many complications in life as you never feel respected even before your eyes.

4: Mutual Hatred

Reservation has created tremendous hatred among the people of reserved and unreserved class. Politicians totally ignore the view of the General classes as if they are not the affected party. The truth is that it is their rights which had been taken away for the reserved class. Indian Constitution guaranteed all citizens equality which had been taken away from them. The exceptions have become the rule and but for the Supreme Court intervention, reservations would have crossed 90% in India.

This mutual hatred is dividing the society vertically and may prove to be disastrous for the country.

Now its time stop to reservation and give equal rights for everyone. 


The quranic passage explains that the act of divorce has to happen on three separate occasions and most scholars say that a divorce in the heat of anger and the husband says : “I divorce you” it is not binding.


The egregious practice that many Muslim men employ to divorce their wives instantaneously and without their consent, merely by uttering the word talaq thrice.  Is it justified?

Imagine living with the mental insecurity that, years of your marital alliance can be ended just by the utterance of a word three times. That’s exactly what Indian Muslim women feel. Various cases have been registered against this issue which also lead to form Muslim personal board. All the cases registered are from women for being mistreated by their spouse. One instance is form Bihar where a woman was divorced after giving birth to 6th girl child. Her husband divorced her at spur of the moment after knowing born baby was a girl. The atrocity of this act is Muslim head of village accepted the divorce and gave permission to man that he can remarry which happened after within a month. His first wife was left with 6 children with no source of income.

Another instance is from Kerala, where a man divorced his wife on whatsaap and married another woman in UAE. He was married for only 8 months. Again this woman was left with her parents with no source of income and no alimony. These instances are violations of rules of divorce in Islam itself, but every holy scripture is entitled to multiple interpretations. Where one religious expert backs one theory other interprets in other style to ease his life. When there is one law directing people and is not open to multiple interpretations 90 million people will be benefitted.
Over the millennia we have seen many radical changes in India as well as over the world. In India, we have abolished sati (suttee) which was practiced for millennia. Hindus started sati, Hindus followed it and it Hindus realised and abolishes such barbaric act. Isn’t it time for Muslims to learn lesson from past?

Many rich from middle east come to India (mostly to Hyderabad and Kolkata) perform halala marriage with poor teenage girls and enjoy their honeymoon and divorce them by triple talaq give them money and leave. There have been at least 5000-8000 instances only in Hyderabad in from 2003-2008. Many of these girls are left in pregnant stage. This is a sham marriage, it is about making money and abusing vulnerable people and it is to stopped.  

 When Pakistan, Bangladesh and many other Islamic countries could ban the practice of talaq-ul-bidat(triple talaq), then why not India?, is the question.

It is time to look beyond the politics and peek from humanity window.


Wrath of Deserved

In India we are defined ,not by our talent and hard work, but religion and caste we are born in. 

After independence our  constitution was written by many great thinkers yet they didn’t put much thinking in designing a constitution which will ensure equal right to education and opportunities. Many ill religious politics were played and every one wanted their people to benefit. Reservation was given to many castes but not in any proper way. Certain quota for a community is beneficial but how can lowering the bar (decreasing cutoffs extremely) help anyone.
We have reservation from kg to pg. One uses reservation(by even getting low marks) to get into school, college, university and in pg and Phd. Then he applies same reservation to get job. Imagine how easy someones life is comparing it to some poor person with no reservation where he/she has to work hard even in such poor conditions only to see some rich reserved person getting job scoring half of unreserved cutoff marks. 

Yes we need development in every corner of our country. But we can not let that happen by lowering bar to some communities as their birth right.  Reservation has been increased a lot over a few decades. 50% of opportunities in education and jobs go to caste based reservation. In remaining 50% there is reservation in sports quota, NSS, NCC, ex-servicemen, Children whose parent deceased on service, Internal reservation, local area reservation, terrorist attack victims, NRI’s, Paid pathway reservations, Dependents of armed forces personnel killed-in-action and never to mention great political references. After all these someone with no reservation gets a maximum of 5-8% of opportunities. This 5-8% is divided among millions of people. (If 100 persons are to be recuited a max of 10 come under total non reserved from thousand of applicants)

Most believe Brahmins in Hindu religion enjoy their pride and respect being a brahmin. Before assuming please refer to this video. Brahmins in India: Most ignored community.  This is the case of every community with no reservation. Don’t their children deserve to study and get opportunities? Gods are named JAGANNATH (emperor of universe). If god does not create a difference why should we do it and take away opportunities from deserved.

We people of 21st century need to stop this blunder and make our India great again. We must fight for new amendment ONE TIME RESERVATION. One who uses reservation in education can not use it in job. Equal cutoff marks should be encouraged rather giving as low as 35 % of marks to reserved and 100 % for unreserved.

We boast about our great sages discovering astronomical values thousands of years ago. They did so because they encouraged each one equally on their talent and hard work not discriminating and segregating people. Give equal opportunities to all increase competence.  

Jai Hind.


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Cashless Economy and Mental Health

A national mental health survey conducted by National institute of mental health and Neuroscience (NIMHANS) estimates that more than 150 million people in India experience one or more mental health illness.  Care access to these people is very limited.  Moreover, no care access to people living in rural areas is ever being established. India homes to more than 30% of poor children in the world. Effective health systems are not equally distributed across country and trajectory of mental illness is rising.

People as a barrier

People themselves stand as a barrier for pragmatic approach for mental wellbeing. Any abnormal behaviour is seen deviated from social norms and discussing any mental disorder is a taboo. Culture and religious believes have always seen mental illness as supernatural and treat them with exorcism. Often exorcism is cruel and painful causing more pain mentally and there have been no evidence of its validity.

Poverty and mental health

Most of the mental disorders are self created or responses of environmental effects, which can be treated by taking away the stimuli which caused it. These mental illnesses are often result of hectic work, job dissatisfaction, post trauma stress disorder (PTSD). But often what poor experience are not these. Depression, anxiety, stress and many among poor are caused due to non availability of wages time to time.

Poverty is feminised in an uninterrupted ceaseless cycle, characterized by malnourished women and children. Women are more often the victims of poverty. They are made to stop schooling for many reasons:  to take care of younger siblings, unavailability of menstrual hygiene in toilets (sometimes no toilets at all) and many other patriarchal reasons. Women are often subjected to violence affecting their physical and mental health. Childhood marriages, dowry, abortions, and poverty altogether form a toxic cocktail which leaves women and children forever in compromised mental hangover. One of main causes of poverty among poorest of poor is not receiving their wages on time. This happens often with construction and daily wage workers. Some receive partial wages while some receive none. Records show that contractor has paid workers on time, but workers don’t receive any money.

Cashless economy and mental health

Mental wellbeing can also be achieved through unorthodox non-medical procedures. Implementing a cashless money transfer for daily wage labours can ensure the time and amount they received as promised by contractor. While still many of daily wage labourers are uneducated, most of them know how to use an ATM. A well documented record can be easily maintained and no faulty business will be encouraged through this cashless transfers. Implementing this policy effectively ensures that workers receive more and sustained income than before. Increase in income results in increase in expenditure on nutrition and decrease in domestic violence maintaining levels of happiness, reduction in depression and stress. Contentment at home results in less alcohol and drug abuse thus reducing crime.  

Cashless economy is not only ensures decent banking system but also public health, mental wellbeing and reduction in crime.

Reserved and Deserved

Caste based reservation system in India had been both boon and bane to different sectors of Indian society. While there are people who totally criticize this policy in 21st century, there are also people who believe reservation is must for development of poor in Indian society. Reservation policy has been criticized by people of unreserved category and most wrongfully used by some politicians to fill their vote banks.

 While it is true that poorest sector of Indian society belongs to scheduled castes and tribes, not all unreserved category people are rich.  But we have reservation based on caste not economic discrimination.It is most criticized that after 70 years of independence schedule caste and tribe people enjoy more perks and have privileges which others don’t have. This is not completely true. India is a vast country with utmost diversity than any other country in the world. So no issue can be taken in general as whole country. In states like Bihar, Odissa, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan caste based discrimination still excites. In Haryana it is beyond description. But at the same time in states like Punjab, Telangana, Andhra pradesh, Karnataka and many other this discrimination is not seen at much extent. There is a indirect correlation between literacy and discrimination. The more the literacy less is the discrimination.

For those who deserve reservation, Education is still a luxury of rich

People who deserve reservation still dream of schools. Many don’t even have basic knowledge of their rights. People in urban areas with full facilities and enjoying perks for generations are reason for which people of rural society cannot get what they deserve. They are still illiterate and stand below poverty line for generations.

Changes in reservation policy

Politicians, more than people, have been greater supporters of reservation and demanding more and more quota for their people. If reservation has been stopped at any given point it will create the biggest chaos in world history. From this we learn government cannot forcefully remove caste based reservation but it can implement laws through which people can boycott reservation willfully.

A willful rejection to reservation

For a person who belongs to any of the category of reservation, and believes that he is privileged enough that he has good money, education and other facilities can willfully boycott this policy. But this is not that easy. Since he has to show a certificate of his category (be it reserved or non reserved) on demand by authorities. Failed to do so he will be terminated form the institute or job.

Willful rejection can only happen when government introduces a new law in which there is a new option, be call it OTHERS, in category column. On opting this people of any category will come under general non reserved category. There will be no need of certificate to show for this category. There are a lot of people of reserved category who wish for equal rights among peers but are entitled to opt for reservation and bind to law. This new policy can make reservation reach to people who truly deserve and help for an homogeneous development in India.  

Lets all unite and strive to make reach reservation to those who are most deserved.

Parallel India

If a girl dumps her BF, he is not deserving.If a boy dumps his GF , it’s a case of 420 & 376 & he is a Rapist.

If a girl is raped in city and killed, she is daughter of India. If in a village, she rests in corner of old news paper. 

 More youths are dying due to dowry law than the brides due to dowry.(Please don’t comment about it if have not read it yet)Misuse of 498a: Dowry law. 

If a girl cries she is sensitive. If a boy cries he is bullied to be gay.

After Every 8.5 minute a married youth commits suicide due to fake dowry cases , fake rape charges & nobody cries. ( 60000 suicides in 2014, NCRB data). Most misused law in nation.

 If a boy rapes a girl we have a Law , if vice-versa happens with a boy ,there is no law, because according to Indian pseudo-feminists all men are Rapists & a Rapist can not be a victim.

 Lower caste(according to description of govt.) folks hate caste based discrimination but love caste based reservation doesn’t matter they are from the family of Ambani or a Beggar.

 If you are above 15% you will get minority reservation & promotion benefits but if you are 2% – 0.00002% in population ,You’ll get Babaji ka thullu (If you are not christian or muslim).

 India is secular but compensations & Govt jobs have Caste & Religion.

 A lady in UP wasted 10000 crores on her statue No one cried,But Announcement of international tourism destinations like Statue of Unity & Shivaji Statue ( just 3600 cr) taught the whole world that the India is house of Beggars.

 A PM who provides best in class hardware to his army on cheapest rate is doing “Khoon ki Dalali” & PMs who made fractured Flying coffin deals & Bribed Bofors deals are Bharat Ratna.

When soldiers risk their life to cross border and kill militants:- credit goes to PM. If soldiers complain about food they get, they are alcoholic, anti national. 

A commoner is not eligible even for peon job in government if he has a case as small as public urination. But person with multiple criminal records, alleged with murders and scams can run a country.

A Baba with multiple rape and child abuse cases can run for election and teach girls to wear proper dress.

You can drink and drive, kill pedestrians, hunt animals and be not guilty. Provided you have money and stardom.

Farmers die as they cannot pay 600000 rupees loan but you can take 90000000000 (9 thousand crores) rupees and still live luxuriously. Apparently, Beer is more important than wheat.

If you kill animals (thousands) and export meat, it’s business. If you follow your old traditional festival it’s animal cruelty. 

If you ignorantly obey government’s policy you are true nationalist and civilian award for you. If you try to understand and question, you are anti national and people want you deported.

 Folks who talk about secularism are more communal than the rest of the population.


Demonetisation: Good intent, Bad management

It has been almost 3 months since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced to demonetise higher currency denomination which contributes to 86% of Indian currency to cease to legal tender. It was a harsh move for Indian economy where 54% people without bank accounts. We have been thoroughly illustrated hard ship of people faced due to this decision. It is now a month after the asked time of 50 days, people are still facing cash curb. Does this mean demonetising is a complete failure or merely success.

Shifting goalposts

We all know Demonetisation was intended to bring back the black money help Indian economy function better. In this event, efforts to combat black money have been so far ineffective. Govt. assumed that a significant amount of black money was in bank notes but practically by December 30 entire stock has been deposited (including black money, if any). Given that the initial goal of this move against black money proved to be a failure, the goalpost has been changed from curbing black money to cashless economy to digital transactions. All this to justify move which had caused much disruption.

At social level Demonetisation presented a great moral project to clean up national economy. It has been portrayed pro-poor move to redistribute justice. Many people believe in trying to curb black money Govt. is acting against rich hoarding illicit cash. The idea that rich are suffering was undoubting appealing to poor. But this move proved to be a good intent and bad management policy.

Suffering with no Grievances

There are 3 major reasons to explain the relative no protest against this move.

  1. The general climate of fear and the govt. intolerance of dissent which deters people from expressing opposition to the move.
  2. Indian obsession with black money. Black money is the single hottest debate for decades in India with successive anti-corruption movements.
  3. Government has repeatedly offered trope of nationalism so that anyone opposing demonetisation is denounced to be corrupt and anti-national. Repeated quoting of this move as cleaning up of nation and comparing it to pro-poor policy.

Lack of any big protest is by no means as an expression of public support of the decision. Government’s claim that people are overwhelmingly supporting this decision is privy to sentiment given that today government is a master of one-way communication. There is no need to accept downside of this decision but social obligation of government to address public grievances is must.

Monday motivation: Myth of Sisyphus

H in Monday is for happiness. Since there is no H in Monday there is no happiness. After all  Monday is not as bad as we see it.

The Myth of Sisyphus

Sisyphus was a Greek god who was believed to be more cunning than any other god. Afraid of his cunningness, he was condemned to an eternity of rolling a heavy stone up the mountain to watch it fall back just as he reached to the top. The rock would magically fall every time he reached top and Sisyphus would repeat the process over and over. Like Sisyphus we all are cut off from a purpose.

Nevertheless, we all are Sisyphus rolling the stone over the week to watch it fall back and repeat the process from Monday to all week. But we should cope as much as we can at whatever we have to do, we have to acknowledge the absurd existent world and triumph the constant possibility of hopelessness. But one must imagine Sisyphus happy in over all the process. This reminds us the possibility that our life is worth enduring. But we all must know that we are not alone. The world can appear very cruel and tiresome in our weekly process. But, may be things aren’t as bad as we see them. We hit the threshold of humdrum and yet again we find courage, love and continue to roll the stone with hope and happiness.

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies.